Hey there, fellow local Businesses! 

Our goal?   Simple! We’re all about connecting local businesses with your amazing community! 🌟

Guess what? We’re a new directory in the area, and boy, do we know our stuff!


The VettedLocal directory is published 4 times per year.

Distributed to households across your area by either a third party or Royal Mail on a Monthly basis.

Its primary function is to provide a consistent flow of work  for our featured tradespeople. This directory serves as a platform for these professionals to showcase their businesses to a new audience, specifically targeting the geographic areas in which they seek to operate.

Each Trade will be assigned a QR code incorporated into there advert for customers to scan and go straight to there Profile.

For many homeowners, the VettedLocal directory assumes the role of a reliable resource for identifying trusted tradespeople within their local communities. It serves as a dependable guide, aiding them in their search for reputable professionals to fulfil their home improvement and maintenance needs.

All Adverts contain a QR code!

When a customers sees your Advert!

They Simply just use there smart phone and scan the QR code to be taken straight to your own profile.